Virtual Assistants are the cost-effective solution for small business owners who require administrative or technical support but cannot afford to hire a full-time employee. Large businesses benefit from using VA’s during work overload or busy seasons by saving on temporary agency costs. Virtual assistants are dependable and provide top-quality professional services at a reasonable cost. Projects are billed only for the actual hours spent working and further discounted by combining tasks either on a weekly, monthly or project basis. Using virtual assistants saves time and money.

Antonio Rubin, B.A.
Antonio has over 10 years working with computers, and over 5 years as a software developer. His strong knowledge of technology allows him to create custom applications and websites that are concise and effective.

Cynthia Rubin, B.S.
Cynthia has over 15 years of experience supporting top-level executives in major corporations and over 5 years of experience in marketing and graphic and web design. Her strong organizational, time management and administrative skills enable her to work on multiple projects efficiently and effectively.